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Please, use csvsimple version 1.12 (2014/07/14) (or newer). In my code, I made a helper macro \commandThreeX which is used to get rid of the semicolon at the end of the input lines. The rest is quite straigtforward using \csvreader: \begin{filecontents*}{example.csv} foo,bar,baz; zip,boom,bang; \end{filecontents*} \documentclass{article} ...


Deleted first code block, and used: \newread\reader \newcount\TotalFiles \makeatletter \newcommand\IterateImages[2]{% % #1: directory path with a trailing / % #2: a list of file extensions: eps pdf jpg png \immediate\write18{batch "#1" \jobname\space #2} \openin\reader=\jobname.list\relax \newcounter{figurecounter}\setcounter{figurecounter}{1} \loop ...

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