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Some machine have bibtex but no biber installed, since the former is more standard than the latter. Additional installation of biber might be cumbersome or impossible. It at least one real-world case of collaborative work, this was a darn good argument against biblatex+biber and in favor of bibtex.


If you don't want to use any of the sectioning titles, I think it would be OK for you to just print the section number, including the other levels. It would not be immediate as seeing the word, but the numbering would still be unambiguous. However keep in mind that \paragraph doesn't carry a number by default, so referring to this will still show the ...


You can use the cleveref package and code \cref{<subsubsectionlabel>}, which will print as Section x.y.z. The difference between the various sectioning levels is reflected in the numbering. You also can customise the string which will appear as the subsubsection name with \crefname{subsubsection}{\S}{\S} \Crefname{subsubsection}{\S}{\S} These can ...

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