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match and replace use regex and LaTeX is seeing the input too. so funny things can happen if you don't escape all the special regex and latex input correctly. Normally it is best to put everything in the \regexp command and then use regex escapes (e.g. \\n as \n is a newline). You can use this sourcemap: \DeclareSourcemap{ \maps[datatype=bibtex]{ ...


The friggeri-cv class does not seem to provide starred versions of all sectioning commands, but the standard subbibliography heading uses \subsection*. If we redefine subbibliography headings to use \subsection, all is fine \defbibheading{subbibliography}[\refname]{\subsection{#1}}


You can remove (disable) particular fields, lists or names with \AtEveryBibitem{\clearfield{pages}} Use \clear<type>{<typename>} where <type> stands for list or name and the <typename> is the name of the bibtex field you want to disable.


OK, I found the solution myself. This seems to be connected to the uniquelist=false setting. More details can be found here Set limit to one author when using "et al." in biblatex However, it seems weird to me, because in the example I gave, the keys would be unique (given the different publication year and the "et al." - where the latter might ...


There are several problems with your MWE. First and foremost, in the .bib file, the field for keywords is called keywords, not keyword, note the s. A BiblistFilter can only be used as the mandatory argument to \printbiblist and then needs a driver. This is all predefined for shorthand, for other uses you will have to provide your own (as you did for ...


Well, thanks to Proper way to include unnumbered chapters in a per-chapter bibliography using biblatex, it seems I got most of the problems solved, except one - if a single reference (here doody) is used twice: then the first time it is formatted as a bibliographic entry it is larger - and the second time it is different, smaller. Since I got this through ...

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