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This was an OSX related thing: I had Biber 1.8 and after updating the whole Tex Live with "Tex Live Utility" things started to work. It was not enough to update to the newest Mactex! You have to also update things with the Graphical tool in OSX! I thank Adam Liter for finding the solution in the chat: I'm on a Mac right now, and I get the same error ...


Sorry guys, the realisation came to me the second I posted this question! :-) \map without [overwrite] will not overwrite any fields, therefore one can just say \DeclareSourcemap{ \maps[datatype=bibtex]{ \map{ \step[fieldset=hyphenation,fieldvalue=british] } } } and not worry about overwriting anything. However, I do wonder if this ...


Just removed the following two lines from the code: \usepackage{xpatch} \xapptobibmacro{date+extrayear}{\nopunct}{}{} Looked here: Colon (:) instead of period (.) after author with biblatex, alphabetic and here: Replace period with colon after year with biblatex to approximate ametsoc guidelines It didn't work for me in the first place but.. finally ...


I have worked out the problem - I was using the wrong version of biber. I replaced it with the version at http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/biblio/biber/binaries/Windows.

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