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tufte-book modifies the \cite-command heavily, you can turn this behavior off, using the nobib-option: \documentclass[titlepage, a4paper, twoside, justified, nobib]{tufte-book} In order to get natbib working, you have to call and configure it manually: \usepackage{natbib} \setcitestyle{authoryear} You also have to use plainnat instead of plain: ...


The .bbl file is meant to be built by a program such as bibtex or biber. Running one of these programs will overwrite the file. However running just pdflatex will not. Writing a .bbl yourself, is not how to use bibtex. You should put the data in a .bib file in the syntax bibtex expcets, see the useful Tame the Beast document. For example, your entry ...


If it's the plain bibliography style you wish to modify to enable it to print the contents of the annotate field, you could proceed as follows: Find the file plain.bst in your TeX distribution. Make a copy of this file, calling the copy (say) plainannotate.bst. (Don't edit a file from the TeX distribution directly.) Open the file plainannotate.bst in a ...


For me \renewcommand\refname{\textbf{Reference}} works. EDIT: Centered \renewcommand\refname{\begin{center} \textbf{Reference} \end{center}}

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