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To get the entries listed by \citep or \citet printed in the order in which they are input, rather than sorted alphabetically by authors' names, omit the option sort&compress when loading natbib. If neither the sort nor the sort&compress options are set, the ordering of the citation callouts is determined by the way you sort the keys in the ...


I had the same issue lately, so maybe this help. But as usually, this is depending on your bibliography style 1 - Use double braces author = {{Harvest Choice}} to avoid the reformatting of things via bibtex 2 - I used the url = {} field and a latex url command within it: url = {\url{yadayada}} 3 - You could try other bibliography styles or edit the .bst ...


I was using the wrong options for natbib. Upon removal of the "square" and "number" options, citations now appear in the proper format (I'm using "sort" and "round").


You can make a copy of aer.bst and modify it to bypass the comparison of author (and editor) names. The following patch should do the trick. In the patch, the modified bibliography style file is named aer2.bst. I have edited two lines in the function make.list.label. --- aer.bst 2014-01-12 01:23:55.000000000 +0200 +++ aer2.bst 2014-08-20 ...


The disambiguation of multiple publications of the same author's last name in the same year is handled by the bibliography style. Try \bibliographystyle{APA} to see the difference. If you are required to take agsm then there might be a way to edit the respective .bst file, but thats beyond my skills :)


The organization HarvestChoice suggests the following citation of the publication in question: HarvestChoice, 2006. "[Tanzania] National Sample Census of Agriculture 2002/2003: Small Holder Agriculture, Volume II: Crop Sector - National Report." International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC., and University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. ...

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