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According to “Tame the BeaST”, A special character is a part of a field starting with a left brace at brace depth 0 immediately followed by a backslash and ending with the corresponding right brace. I should note that the brace that delimit the whole field are not taken into account for computing the brace depth, as they're removed when examining the ...


I found the answer. It is an incompatibility with the xwatermark package: \usepackage[printwatermark]{xwatermark} If this package is included before biblatex it somehow breaks the option parsing for biblatex. As of now there seems to be no problem with xwatermark if it is included after biblatex. Best, Marcus


For this case, download and place the elsarticle-num bibliography style (.bst) files in your working directory. It is perfectly working. Moreover, for your reference, I am attaching the screenshot. Yes, you can sort the references using \biboptions{sort&compress}. You just need to add this options before the \begin{document} environment. Hope it helps. ...


You can use \FloatBarrier from the placeins package. It prevents your floats from being moved behind this barrier. Example: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{placeins} \begin{document} Some dummy text Image \FloatBarrier More Text or your references \end{document}

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