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First of all, the specific example can be better solved using the correct spelling for the name, which is Goethe, but I'll assume that this choice was deliberate in order not to mention any specific real case. The correct syntax with BibTeX is G{\"{o}}the There's nothing you can do about it, except fixing the entries. On the other hand, if you use ...


The problem is caused by the elsarticle class which defines the colour of the links and prevents you from redefining them. If you change the style to article everything will work.


colorlinks cannot be enabled, after hyperref is loaded. Set the option as package option: \usepackage[colorlinks]{hyperref} The color Violet is undefined, this can be fixed, for example, by setting option svgnames for package xcolor. As Augustin has already analyzed in his answer, class elsarticle defines the colors of all link types to blue. This is done ...

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