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\nocite{TitlesOn}, as written in line 27 of jbact.bst % TITLES can be turned on and off! % Just nocite the reference TitlesOn in the paper (i.e. \nocite{TitlesOn}) % and have a bibliography article in your database with that cite key! % Without titles is Journal of Molecular Biology; % With titles is Journal of Theoretical Biology. Note: An ...


If you look at the log file of the failed preview you it should tell you what the source of the error is. Depending on how you are producing the preview it may be that the command you've put in the preamble is already defined. I'm using natbib and apalike to preview, and I got the following error: ! LaTeX Error: Command \SortNoop already defined. ...


\usepackage{rsc} provides the \bibliographystyles{rsc} and {angew}. The latter is what you are looking for (except for removing the page range; this you may have to hard-edit in your .bib file)

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