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The sans-serif default font does not have small capitals. You can use a different font, eg KP Sans-Serif. With \usepackage[sfmath]{kpfonts} in the preambule it produces the following result:


this works for me \textbf{BOLD}


The definition of \bfseries in latex.ltx reads \DeclareRobustCommand\bfseries {\not@math@alphabet\bfseries\mathbf \fontseries\bfdefault\selectfont} so it's sufficient to say \makeatletter \DeclareRobustCommand\bfseries{% \not@math@alphabet\bfseries\mathbfsf \fontfamily\sfdefault\fontseries\bfdefault\selectfont } ...


Have you tried inserting \renewcommand{\textbf}[1]{{\bfseries\sffamily#1}} in the preamble of your document? Note the double pair of curly braces; the innner pair serves to constrain the application of \bfseries\sffamily to the argument of \textbf. Addendum: As the comments by cgnieder and egreg allude to, the LaTeX kernel (see the file latex.ltx, ca. ...


Your example works only as expected if the bold font ends at the end of some group. It doesn't work if the code does something like \bfseries some text \normalfont some text or \bfseries some text \mdseries some text You will have to issue a \mathversion{normal} in such cases. E.g. in your example with \g@addto@macro\normalfont{\mathversion{normal}} ...

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