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If all long section, subsection etc. titles should appear in the bookmarks, perhaps the easiest way is to shift the \toclevel@... to something far beyond the real levels, say add 1000, add the normal contentsline and use and explicit \pdfbookmark[...]{...}{...}. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{xpatch} \makeatletter \xpatchcmd{\@sect}{% ...


Simply add bookmarksopen=true for the default bookmarks-open to also expand them. I will refrain from posting a screenshot as my viewer ignores all these options anyway and acroread simply takes forever to even consider possibly thinking about sometime in the distant future opening a file. (But the OP confirmed that it works in Adobe's viewer.) ...


According to the documentation of bookmark you can use the open option; if you want to set the level, you can say openlevel=<level>; so \usepackage[open,openlevel=1]{bookmark} will show something like whereas the simple open option will show Tested with Skim and Adobe Reader on Mac OS X.


toutf16 function should be changed to this: \directlua{ function toutf16(str) tex.write(string.char(92) .. "376" .. string.char(92) .. "377") for c in string.utfvalues(str) do if c < 0x10000 then tex.write(string.char(92) .. string.format("%03o", c / 256) .. string.char(92) .. string.format("%03o", c % 256)) ...

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