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I agree with @hraish-kumar's suggestion to embed comments in the code. But if you want to compare branches or commits in a git repository, you might want to check this answer to how to use latexdiff with git.


I strongly suggest that the comments be embedded in the code, not in a separate document. Inevitably, when it comes time to revise the code, you, or the person who inherits the code, will not be able to find whatever external document you use for your comments. Also, if they refer to things like module names and line numbers, those may all change, in time. ...


In principle all you have to do is redefine what the macros \added and \replaced does: For this we create \finalstate that redefines \added and \replaced to be so-called "no-op"s. That is, they literally just gobble their arguments and spit out them out again. Here we define \convertreplaced to transform \replaced to be equivalent to \added, dropping the ...

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