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Let go with a MWE: We wanted move "Some changed here" after "Normal text" without lost the traced changes. Steps to follow: Ctrl+May+E (deactivate change-tracking) Add one-two fake sectioning levels to your document so that the chunk of text to move is now alone in a new section, subsection, or so. If needed, make also a fake section at ...


changes defines the \definechangesauthor command which has some options, e.g. color for choosing the text color and as mandatory argument a author name, say foo. However this command defines counters which names are created from the author name, such as Changes@AddCountfoo etc. which are automatically incremented. In changes.sty the command ...


Could using the nocolor markup option solve your problem? \documentclass{article} \usepackage[markup=nocolor, addedmarkup=bf]{changes} \begin{document} Text \added{added} \deleted{deleted} \end{document}

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