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First of all, check page 20 of the manual for how to write molecule names properly using chemname. There you can also find the alignment methods. In your case, this should work: \begin{center} \schemestart \chemnameinit{\chemfig{*6(=(-[,.65]CH_2OH)-=-(-[,.65]OH)=-)}} \chemfig{*6(=-=-(-[,.65]OH)=-)} \chemsign{+} \chemname{\chemfig{CH_2O}}{Formaldehyde} ...


As in this answer, you can draw over a chemfig by usin remember picture, overlay and naming coordinates with @{}. \documentclass[border=7mm]{standalone} \usepackage{chemfig} \setatomsep{2em} \setdoublesep{.3em} \begin{document} \chemfig[remember picture, line width=1pt]{ ...

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