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ruby package is not implemented correct. I think this code piece will solve the problem: \usepackage{ruby} \let\oldruby\ruby \def\ruby#1#2{\oldruby{#1}{#2}\futurelet\next\addCJKglue} \def\addCJKglue{\ifx\next\ruby \CJKglue \fi} See also Displaying pinyin over Chinese characters, without impacting word spacing


Using the latest TeX Live 2014 (with xeCJK 2014/06/20 v3.2.13), there is no error. It is a very old bug of xeCJK, and is roughly fixed since TeX Live 2013 (with xeCJK 2013/05/28 v3.2.1). There may be still some special situations that xeCJK cannot handle well, but you can hardly meet the issue now. Anyway, it is always preferred to use an empty line to ...


No, zhmCJK does not restrict the font you use. sim*.ttf are only examples in the document. You can certainly use other fonts you have. % !TeX program = pdflatex % !TeX encoding = UTF-8 \documentclass{article} \usepackage{zhmCJK} \setCJKmainfont{ipaexm.ttf} \setCJKsansfont{ipaexg.ttf} \begin{document} 現在、\TeX{} システムの日本語化を進めているが、現時点で一応の動作が可能となった。 ...

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