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A simple example follows. For details, see documents of luatex-ja package. \documentclass{ltjsarticle} \usepackage{luatexja-fontspec} \setmainfont{TeXGyrePagella-Regular} \setmainjfont{IPAexMincho} \begin{document} This is a test. 漢字のテスト。 This is a test. \end{document}


It seems you are looking for the Unicode characters U+231C ("top left corner") and U+231F ("bottom right corner"). Can you type these in using your keyboard?


Here is a primitive attempt to achieve outcomes which may be close to what you need. This solution is perhaps suitable for those who wish to achieve square corner quotation marks such as yours, but prefer not to use a typesetting system specialised for Japanese such as pTeX [PDF documentation], or who cannot use a TeX engine specialised to use unicode input ...


I think I got it: just use a \endofdump to indicate the end of the precompiled format slightly before \begin{document}; and then insert the \AtBeginDvi{\input{zhwinfonts}} line after it. The preamble thus becomes: \RequirePackage{filecontents} % %% NOTE: filecontents cannot be active when -ini runs; must be commented! % %% NOTE: cannot use just {{文章}}, ...

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