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The font ipaexm.ttf, which is in TeX Live, has all glyphs for your example. Try platex hoge dvipdfmx -f otf-ipaex.map hoge If you have Hiragino fonts, try dvipdfmx -f otf-hiragino.map hoge or dvipdfmx -f otf-hiragino-pron.map hoge If you want to use dvips + Ghostscript, try to add the following 6 lines to hoge.ps: --- hoge.ps.orig Thu Oct 01 ...


Being an east-asianist myself, I came across your (Mårten’s) guide and this question. Thank you for both. While it doesn’t use biblatex-chicago, the following still is a very simple yet working solution for the problem of inserting entries with Asian names. MWE: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{polyglossia} \usepackage{csquotes} \usepackage{xeCJK} ...

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