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There are two ways one can set up the column versions of itemization in right-to-left environments. (This works in the beta, and I do not know about the stable version from TeXlive 2015. In any case, the beta will soon find its way in TeXlive 2016.) The first approach is to change the behavior for all itemizations in your document, which is convenient in ...


It should be fixed in beta, see CONTEXT distribution - beta version


You can use the command \determinelistcharacteristics and then \structurelistsize to access the value. Example: \starttext \determinelistcharacteristics [chapter] [criterium=text] number of chapters: \structurelistsize \startsectionlevel [title=Foo] \startsectionlevel [title=title 1] section 1 \stopsectionlevel \startsectionlevel [title=title 2] ...


use \midaligned command in front of Narrower Text and in front of \bTable and compile you will get


The TABLE environment starts a \vbox, so if it occurs at the beginning of a sentence, it switches to vertical mode. To prevent that, add a \dontleavehmode. \starttext Normal text \setupnarrower[left=2cm] \startnarrower[left] Narrower text \blank[small] \dontleavehmode \bTABLE \bTR \bTC Misbehaving ...


The file is included under texmf-dist/texmf-dist/.. but kpsewhich is searching under texmf-dist/ and the relevant ls-R is in texmf-dist/. So the file is not found because the file is one directory layer deeper than normal, but your TeX Live is not configured accordingly. Note that the hierarchical structure of the file system matters. It is not sufficient ...

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