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ConTeXt moves several primitives, renaming them systematically using the prefix \normal.... For ConTeXt MkII, all but one of the primitives moved are from TeX90: there is also one from e-TeX: \end \everyjob \input \language \mathop \month \outer \over \unexpanded \vcenter All of these are saved as \normal..., e.g. \normalend is the \end primitive. ...


I would choose ConTeXt in your situation. If you want to adapt the document layout dimensions it can be very easily done in ConTeXt (one caveat though, read very carefully \setuplayout documentation, it does not work as you would expect it to). If you are more ambitious there are available examples of real book styles, that you can tweak to your needs.


I certainly agree that separation of structure and style is one of the fundamental advantages of LaTeX and ConTeXt. That said, there is nothing to stop you messing up your document to the point where both are inseparable. So in the end it turns out that only very simple documents used in tutorials can have style and content completely separated. I cannot ...


Not exclusively ConTeXt feature, but definitely best supported in ConTeXt is the programmatic interface to luatex. You can generate all kinds of documents entirely in lua using lua versions of ConTeXt commands. Very cool.


I have no problem with the ConTeXt version which comes with TeXLive 2013 ConTeXt ver: 2013.05.28 00:36 MKIV current fmt: 2014.1.3

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