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Here is a solution that allows plain Metapost to use HSV colours. prologues := 3; outputtemplate := "%j%c.eps"; vardef hsv_color(expr h,s,v) = % following wikipedia article on "HSL and HSV" save chroma, hh, x, m; chroma = v*s; hh = h/60; x = chroma * (1-abs(hh mod 2 - 1)); m = v - chroma; if hh < 1: (chroma,x,0)+(m,m,m) ...


Interestingly search for "ConTeXt" and "TeX" in Google (The search string is: ConTeXt TeX) gives pertinent results.


From the mailing list, a \noindent is required to eliminate the half-line shift: % The table of contents links get shifted up. This code adds a % \noindent so that the TOC links do not get shifted. \unprotect \startsetups[\??listrenderings:interactive] \edef\p_command{\listalternativeparameter\c!command}% \ifx\p_command\empty [\currentlist: ...


The hard part is to isolate words from a passage, and apply an arbitrary macro to each of the words. ConTeXt provides a command \processwords that does this. To use this command, you first have to define a macro \processword that will act on a particular word. As an example, suppose you want to draw a frame around each word. Then, define: ...

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