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This solution may not answer your question entirely, but if just want a write-on-the-fly solution on Windows with equations as well as handdrawing pictures, then try using TeXStudio ( This software has integrated the Windows write recognization engine into itself after my request a few years ago on the software's open-source ...


Well... Lets say she is not used to Linux paths and named her images with ä,ü,ö etc... This created the errors since it could not load the pictures. So yeah, this problem is solved, her latex errors she corrects herself! :P Thank you for the help anyway and have a nice evening! :)


Suppose the path of your bibtex file is D:\abc.bib and the path of JabRef is D:\JabRef-3.0.jar, you can generate endnote file D:\abc.enw using the following command on windows: D:\JabRef-3.0.jar -o D:\abc.enw,endnote -n true D:\abc.bib Click here for the reference of the command line options. You can also create a windows batch script (.bat) for ...


I don't have GrindEq nor MS Word, but in the compilation of your TeX document a .bbl file is created (after the typical compile-a-few-times steps). This is actually the file which BibTeX converted the database into properly formatted \bibitems. You can make a copy of your TeX file, and in this copy, instead of using the line \bibliography{...}, copy paste ...

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