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Here's yet another option: unicode it.


For Gmail users, the quickest way to convert LaTeX to a mixture of unicode + html must be the following addon called "GmailTeX": http://alexeev.org/gmailtex.html It is currently available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Once installed, you can simply type $G\rtimes_\phi H$ to obtain G ⋊φ H, with φ displayed as a subscript via html markup.


pandoc cannot convert a .bib file into another file format1. However, it can convert a .tex file which contains references (called from a .bib file) into a pdf, odt, html, ... If your .tex file is composed only by the \nocite* command, the result is similar (you will have all your references printed). Here is the magick command: pandoc test.tex -o ...


Most solutions rasterize the PDF-file resulting in large files. In my case, inkscape failed because some characters are missing (ligatures like ff, fl). Acroread worked in one case, the other failed because of a wrong bounding box. My solution was, to use the document viewer (Ubuntu 13.10) and to print the document into a file with the Postscript-option ...


For kindles you can upload a pdf of your latex file. I added the following to my latex file, and when I uploaded it I found I had a single page per screen at a readable size. There was no need to scroll down the page. However, I used it for a document that had exclusively text. How math would turn out, I can't say. \usepackage[papersize={4.5in, 6.2in}, ...


The new version of Word (2013) lets you open and edit PDFs. The workflow is then: Use latex and pdflatex to make your PDF Open the PDF in Word 2013 Save as docx


GrindEq makes a wonderful job in many cases. It is a plug-in for MS Word and converts equations, figures, tables, etc.. The bad point is that it is paid, and not open source. Anyway, the evaluation version lets you execute 10 times, and so it requires registration.

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