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Orgtbl-minor-mode (for emacs) This is along the lines of this answer about org-mode. org-mode also provides a minor mode designed specifically to typeset tables with the org syntax, but in a non-org buffer. Latex is supported out of the box, and there is a tutorial in the org manual. Pros all those in the answer about org-mode no need to use a separate ...


Here's yet another option: unicode it.


For Gmail users, the quickest way to convert LaTeX to a mixture of unicode + html must be the following addon called "GmailTeX": http://alexeev.org/gmailtex.html It is currently available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Once installed, you can simply type $G\rtimes_\phi H$ to obtain G ⋊φ H, with φ displayed as a subscript via html markup.


pandoc cannot convert a .bib file into another file format1. However, it can convert a .tex file which contains references (called from a .bib file) into a pdf, odt, html, ... If your .tex file is composed only by the \nocite* command, the result is similar (you will have all your references printed). Here is the magick command: pandoc test.tex -o ...


Most solutions rasterize the PDF-file resulting in large files. In my case, inkscape failed because some characters are missing (ligatures like ff, fl). Acroread worked in one case, the other failed because of a wrong bounding box. My solution was, to use the document viewer (Ubuntu 13.10) and to print the document into a file with the Postscript-option ...


For kindles you can upload a pdf of your latex file. I added the following to my latex file, and when I uploaded it I found I had a single page per screen at a readable size. There was no need to scroll down the page. However, I used it for a document that had exclusively text. How math would turn out, I can't say. \usepackage[papersize={4.5in, 6.2in}, ...


The new version of Word (2013) lets you open and edit PDFs. The workflow is then: Use latex and pdflatex to make your PDF Open the PDF in Word 2013 Save as docx

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