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I'm not sure why a Pandoc-based solution/answer on this page harvested so many upvotes, while being overly complicated. If you use Pandoc, the method is far easier: Just write Markdown. At occasions where you want to apply LaTeX features in your final document, just sprinkle the Markdown with your LaTeX snippets... Here is a working (not so minimal) ...


You may try to use pdf2htmlEX. The details are given in the Figure 3 of the article on TUGboat: Online publishing via pdf2htmlEX HTML / PDF.


May be there are better solutions, but this worked out well for me. If you use adobe, you can easily save the .pdf file in .ps format. This is pretty much the same way as when you save a .doc file as .pdf.


There are things in your current document, that are valid in TeX or valid in LaTeX2.09, but obsolete in current LaTeX, LaTeX2e. Following an example using current KOMA-script to set up the document. As this seems to be some kind of lecture notes, which are intended to have the same appearance, it is adviced to write a short wrapper class. This is the ...


I've tried a number of options, including converting with Inkscape and using pdftops with the eps flag turned on. Both have problems with certain fonts. The online tools and ImageMagick both rasterize the image unacceptably. I found that the most effective process is to convert in two steps: first convert the .pdf to .ps using pdftops, which preserves the ...


It is also possible to do if you use a reference manager as Zotero. Then you can import a bibtex file. It will result in its own folder, and then you can export it to whatever format you want. Just another solution :)


It seems you are preparing a piece on numerical methods. The problem causing all the trouble seems to be in line 60 to line 62: \begin{align*} I(f) = \I_m(f)+\E_m(f)\\, \end{align*} the "\" operator is the beginning of perhaps all TeX commands (as far as I know), and adding it here might have been troublesome. Changing it to the form below seemed to ...

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