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You can use the package beamerarticle described in Section 21.2.1 of this beamer manual. It emulates the beamer specific commands when you use other document classes. Exchange the first line of your file with these \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage[noxcolor]{beamerarticle} Edit: Oh, and credit to this blog for pointing in the right direction.


It looks you are saving TeX as utf8 and opening it as latin1 or similar...


You can't (in general) convert it. What you can do is include it into a fig object so that you can use xfig to add lines and text to the image. Use the picture tool to drag a rectangle to hold the EPS then just browse to add the EPS.


MathML is not a typesetting system so there is a difference between what it can specify and what you can currently typeset with it. I usually typeset MathML by translating it to TeX for example, so necessarily that restricts things to those that are easily typeset by TeX. Things that MathML has simple markup for which are (more or less) hard to render using ...

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