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You need to protect the math operation with braces. Then your code works as is (after removing the backslash before *) \def\radius{12cm} \begin{tikzpicture} \foreach \x in {0,10,...,350}{ \node[circle,shading=radial, inner color=white, outer color=red!15,scale=3.4] at ({\radius*cos(360-\x+90)},{\radius*sin(360-\x+90)}) {t}; } \end{tikzpicture}


Here is a solution that is mixture of a macro seen in another answer and the pic command from TiKz 3.0. % macro taken from http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/33765 % ----------------------------------------------------- \makeatletter \newcommand{\gettikzxy}[3]{% \tikz@scan@one@point\pgfutil@firstofone#1\relax \edef#2{\the\pgf@x}% \edef#3{\the\pgf@y}% ...

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