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I found a solution to my problem, and Ulrike's comment was the key for that (thanks again!) As she pointed out, the spaces before "W" and "Th" were too small for the Adobe Reader to be detected as spaces. Ulrike suggested to increase the interword spacing. However instead of increasing the interword spacing in general, it struck me as a better solution to ...


Big chars (characters with more than 8 bits) of LuaTeX/XeTeX are not yet fully supported. Workaround: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage{accsupp} \usepackage{tikz}%\usepackage{pgfmath} \usepackage{stringenc} \usepackage{pdfescape} \makeatletter \newcommand*{\BeginAccSuppUnicode}[1]{% \EdefSanitize\asu@str{#1}% \edef\asu@str{% ...

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