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Good question, which includes a thorough analyis! I did not find any official documentation of XeTeX for the equivalent for pdfTeX's \pdfliteral direct. The manual of dvipdfm, some predecessor of XeTeX describes \special{pdf:content ...}. Nothing in xetex-reference.pdf or XeTeX-notes.pdf. In file pgfsys-dvipdfm.def the following "ugly hack" can be found: ...


If you compile with pdflatex you can do this: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{Alegreya} \input glyphtounicode \pdfgentounicode=1 \pdfglyphtounicode{fj}{0066 006A}% f j \begin{document} fb ffb ff fh ffh fi ffi fj ffj fk ffk fl ffl ft fft \end{document}

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