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I use Adobe InDesign CS5. If your layout program is older, newer, or different then there may be some difference in terminology or how the New Document window looks. If you don't see all of the options above, look for a button that says something like "More Options", click to display more settings.


Since you're doing a cover page, it's better to set \setlength{\parindent}{0pt} before \begin{document}. Note that \parindent is set to zero inside a minipage anyway, but this doesn't affect normal paragraphing. As far as TeX is concerned, you're just making a paragraph and a minipage is nothing more than a “big” character to TeX's eyes. Or just add ...


You have to patch \opening: \documentclass{letter} \usepackage{hyperref} \makeatletter \renewcommand*{\opening}[1]{\ifx\@empty\fromaddress \thispagestyle{firstpage}% {\raggedleft\@date\par}% \else % home address \thispagestyle{empty}% {\begin{tabular}{@{}l@{}}\ignorespaces \fromaddress \end{tabular} \par\nopagebreak ...

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