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The template uses the macro \titleGP to define the title. You can use \includegraphics inside the definition of the macro (\titleGP) where it suits best. But as always, i do not recommend using templates from this site.


As per the CoverPage package documentation, you need to provide a BiBTeX file. So if you main file is called TeX-SE.tex (as in this example), then you need to provide a TeX-SE.BibTeX.txt file. Once you do that then you automatically get a cover as: Notes: The filecontents package was used to set up a file to read for this test case. It is not needed in ...


As long as you copy-paste to the correct place, this should work fine. First, go to Document --> Settings --> LaTeX preamble and paste in everything from the preamble of that template. That means everything between, but not including, \documentclass{book} and \begin{document}. (Lines 29 to 64 in the template) Second, exit the document settings, add an ERT ...

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