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Following MWE with scrartcl class and a4 paper option generates a output on terminal, shown below. \documentclass[paper=a4]{scrartcl} \usepackage{blindtext} \usepackage[showframe=true,verbose]{geometry} \begin{document} \blindtext \end{document} \paperwidth=597.50793pt \paperheight=845.04694pt \textwidth=418.25372pt \textheight=591.53027pt ...


Does the following code produce what you want? Btw, since you use setspace, you should use the onelinespacing command instead of \linespread: it take care of the footnotes linespacing and a few other spacing parameters. \documentclass[ DIV=11, %fontsize=12, twoside, headinclude=false, titlepage=firstiscover, abstract=true, headsepline=true, ...


I did the importation when I open the tex file with Kile, after that opening it with TexnicCenter and finally the Lyx (2.1) in Windows.

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