csquotes is a package for making context-sensitive inline and display quotations. To understand the benefits of csquotes, a comparison with how quotations are made without csquotes is telling.

With LaTeX inline quotations are written such as


for double quotation marks or as


for single quotation marks. If a document with such quotes is going to be modified to use another quotation style, every single quote mark will have to be replaced.

With csquotes inline quotations are written using




to force single quotation marks. \enquote inserts appropriate quotations marks according to the language of the document (it knows and ). Also if \enquote is nested, such as \enquote{quote {quote quote}}, csquotes inserts appropriate quotation marks.

Often quotations are used to write citations. To ease this, csquotes integrates with citations packages such as .

For further arguments of the benefits of csquotes, see What's the advantage of using csquotes over using an editor's auto-replacement for "?


See also .

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