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For me, BibTeX works with natbib and russian by using UTF-8 compatible version of bibtex. Just run bibtexu instead of bibtex and it should work.


Unfortunately, minitoc is not updated for XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX and hardcodes the keywords using commands such as \CYRS, \cyrhrdsn and so on. You can simply convert the following code into proper Cyrillic Unicode letters \def\ptctitle{% {\cyr\CYRS\cyrhrdsn\cyrd\cyrhrdsn\cyrr\cyrzh\cyra\cyrn\cyri\cyre}}% \def\plftitle{{\cyr\CYRS\cyrp\cyri\cyrs\cyrhrdsn\...


Ok, I got this (thanks a bunch @alwaysask). It turns out that I actually had to specify the name of the *.otf file (instead of the abstract human-readable name of the font) as the argument of the \newfontfamily\russianfont command, as it was suggested here. The only thing that was wrong in that post was that you have to specify the complete file name (with ...

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