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Thanks for the report. I've just fixed it and will upload a new version to CTAN propably this week. If you would like to get a pretest version earlier send me a note by PM. Update: Pdfpages, version 0.5e, is on CTAN since yesterday. It fixes the above-mentioned incompatibility with eso-pic's option `texcoord'.


The pdfpages package assumes that the coordinate system always start in the lower left hand corner. So when texcoord=true is active and the coordinate system now starts at the upper left hand corner, the included pages are included at coordinates above the visible area of the current page. Solution: don't use texcoord=true As Ulrike mentioned one could use ...


FWIW, my Float(s) lost error seemed to have been due to introducing a todo in a footnote probably because the package I use for adding todos uses marginpar internally.


Werner has shown the correct syntax, but to explain what happens with your document. Note that *\textwidth| is the same as *{\number\textwidth}{|} and denotes multiple | so it causes latex to go into a loop with a counter set to \textwidth (viewed as a number by taking the value in sp which is 22609920 at the default article text width) and then repeatedly ...


You need to specify the column type, which you forgot to do. For example, use p{0.4\textwidth}.

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