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With pdfTeX or XeTeX you can't hook into the code for detecting when \inputlineno changes. It's just a read only integer parameter that's updated in a part of the program the user hasn't access to. Possibly the reader function in LuaTeX, described in section, might help with this engine.


Ok, I think I got somewhere - below the glues are labeled with "GL" + a number (which I don't know what it means, but is shown in Lua for any Lua node via tostring(node) - also the glue one - and seems to be unique), and it looks like this: The problem is then relating this number with actual elements in the Latex source; the luatexref-t.pdf documentation ...


Just wanted to include some notes about my debugging procedure here. Obviously, since the tilde is the problem, I first wanted to see what does it actually do. At first, I didn't even think it was a macro (I thought it was "just" a character with a "special catcode", I guess), and then I thought I'd try texdef in a console shell: $ texdef -t latex '~' ...


Here's the MWE that was missing from the question: \documentclass[12pt,onecolumn,draftcls]{IEEEtran} \usepackage{ctex} \begin{document} %\show~ Nam dui ligula, fringilla a, euismod sodales, sollicitudin vel, wisi. Morbi auctor \space on Fig.~23. Quisque ullamcorper placerat ipsum. Cras \space on Fig.~23, Fusce mauris. Vestibulum luctus nibh at ...


I had the same problem. It occurred when I added the Danish vowel "Ø" to a label - that apparently crashes the .aux file used when compiling... simply omitting "Ø" in the label - quitting latex, and deleting the .aux file solved the problem.

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