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Using test releases of luatex 0.85 and the luatotfload from github sources, I get So this should work in texlive 2016.


The error is in \let\lastframenumber\theframenumber because \theframenumber is \@arabic\c@framenumber and not the value directly. To see this add \show\theframenumber after begin{document} and compile from terminal. Execution will stop at this and display > \theframenumber=macro: ->\@arabic \c@framenumber . l.5 \show\theframenumber ? Pressing ...


Your document should be better structured with beamer, however I do not know if it'll resolve your troubles \begin{frame} \frametitle{} \pnote{my note} \end{frame} Since \pnote acts like \note, it should be inside the frames.

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