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to display the black box that indicates overfull lines without any of the other side effects of the [draft] option, put this in your preamble: \setlength\overfullrule{5pt} you can reset this at any time within your document. setting it to a value of 0pt makes it disappear. the package testhyphens suggested by @cfr is also a very useful tool for checking ...


Let's see what happens. \aermb{\frac{1}{2}} becomes \def\ae@i@r{\frac{1}{2}}\ae@rmb The macro \ae@rmb tests if the next token is [, skipping spaces. The next token is \par, due to the empty line. Thus the input stream, at this point, is \ae@rmb\par and now it becomes \@ae@rmb[\height]\par The macro \@ae@rmb does \def\ae@i@ht{\height} and the ...


I am trying to answer all your question but the debugging work will stay with you: The error is caused by something in combination with the package endnotes. When having a look to its source, you can find the command \@doanenote. There are many commands called in a document, which you do not call by your self. So searching for it in your source will not ...


The 'error' is \mode* as it forces beamer to ignore everything outside of frame environments, which is the case for the \pgfslide command, as it is used inside a frame environment. Commenting/deleting \mode* will lead to a successful compilation with a frame containing the included graphics. \documentclass{beamer} % add page numbers for malmoe ...


Both the .ttf fonts, called Linux Libertine, and the .otf fonts, called Linux Libertine O, work fine on my Windows 7 system. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \setromanfont[ BoldFont = {Linux Libertine Bold}, ItalicFont = {Linux Libertine Italic}, BoldItalicFont = {Linux Libertine Bold Italic} ]{Linux Libertine} \begin{document} ...


Use \documentclass{article} \usepackage{libertine}% detects itself the used engine pdftex, xetex, luatex \begin{document} \textit{1 foo} \textbf{\emph{1 foo}} \textbf{1 foo} \end{document} The package libertine does the correct font setting for you. Install the package from CTAN and the fonts too. Then you have all in the right place.


Your code works fine. I get the following result

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