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The following screenshot from the diff in the repository of TeX Live shows the problem. In the previous version (4.3, 2014/10/02) the code was \def\\{\@ifstar{\v@rscr{\@M}}{\v@rscr{\z@}}}% and in the new version (4.5, 2015/01/14) it is \def\acapo{\@ifstar{\v@rscr{\@M}}{\v@rscr{\z@}}% \let\\\acapo and it can clearly be seen that the definition of ...


One way is to shift up the skip prior to the mid-height \tabucline with a \\[-1pt]. See below for 2nd approach. %Dokumentclass \documentclass[landscape]{letter} %Packages \usepackage[landscape]{geometry} \usepackage[utf8] {inputenc} \usepackage {multirow} \usepackage {tabu} %Formatting \pagestyle{empty} %Remove numbering ...

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