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\rule has never been robust in LaTeX. You can use \protect\rule or you can use \usepackage{fixltx2e} which updates various things, including making \rule robust. Perhaps your previous document was using that package.


\multibib uses \section* commands (hidden in \thebibliography), but a redefinition of \section{} without providing the starred version is wrong (in general!), so this must be cured in the way that \section*{} is still available, by pushing it back to use the old definition, using the \let macro. If \section*{} is not available, the \section*{} will just ...


Figured it out myself already: \documentclass[]{article} \begin{document} \let\odef\def \odef\def#1{\odef\dummy{}{\let\def\odef\newcommand{#1}{}}\odef#1} % <LYXDEFINITIONS> \global\long\def\xx{{\bf x hello}} \xx \global\long\def\yy{{\bf y world}} \yy % </LYXDEFINITIONS> \let\def\odef \end{document} The trick was to return the original ...


to display the black box that indicates overfull lines without any of the other side effects of the [draft] option, put this in your preamble: \setlength\overfullrule{5pt} you can reset this at any time within your document. setting it to a value of 0pt makes it disappear. the package testhyphens suggested by @cfr is also a very useful tool for checking ...

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