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I couldn't resist. This Metapost version might give you some ideas of how to do things in TikZ if that's your chosen approach. prologues := 3; outputtemplate := "%j%c.eps"; vardef decorate(expr line, ttl) = if ttl > 0: save m, p; pair m; m = point 1/6 of line rotatedabout(point 1/2 of line, 90); path p; p = point 0 of line -- m -- ...


You have to choose dimensions for segment length, amplitude and rounded corners carefully. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{decorations} \usetikzlibrary{decorations.pathmorphing} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture}[decoration={random steps,segment length=3pt,amplitude=2pt}] \draw[decorate,rounded corners=1pt] (0,0) ...

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