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You have some errors in your code: unmatched braces are the main one. Secondly, \hfill\\ is a don't-do-it; after \noindent you need \ignorespaces. And finally you have a load of unprotected end-of-lines, which may be irrelevant in this particular case, but it's good habit to have the correct % everywhere. \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e} ...


I don't understand why this is constructed inside a box as its not necessary. Moreover, I obtain all committee members' names when I use your example, except that they're packed next to one another. This stems from the fact that you're not boxing content in a \vbox the way mitthesis does. I'd suggest not boxing content but rather accumulate them in a macro ...


it would have helped if you had shown the warning but I can guess... \documentclass{styles/wissdoc-kw-eng} should be \documentclass{wissdoc-kw-eng} The argument is the name of the class not its path (and I guess that you got the warning that you requested styles/wissdoc-kw-eng but the class provides wissdoc-kw-eng) then you should arrange that the ...


There is a package for blue book style written by Chrisopher DeCoro: LawTeX


David Purton and I (he's the genius behind it) have been actively involved in a brand new BibLaTeX standard template for SBLHS version 2. Progress is ongoing, with optimal results. Check it out at

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