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Use it this way: \documentclass[UKenglish]{lipics} %\documentclass{article} \usepackage{auto-pst-pdf} \ifpdf\usepackage{pstricks}\fi \begin{document} aaaa \begin{pspicture}(25mm,25mm) \psset{unit=1mm} \psframe(0,0)(20,20) \end{pspicture} bbbb \end{document}


I walked around my question with the following steps. It is not a clear tex solution, may be not suppose to be here, but in any way it is working. I tried to use with perltex, got some interesting errors. My Solution Preparation I prepare a perl script, to find desired reference and information belongs to that one, parsed into a variables, ...


There were several things to fix in your MWE: In the main document, you omitted \revision and \revisionMMYY commands. Your class file has no default values for these, so they cause errors when referenced. You misunderstand the use of \thesomething constructs sometimes found in class or package code. Most of the time, these are used to print the formatted ...

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