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Here's what I'd do: create ecsthesis.layout in your thesis folder, make this its contents: #\DeclareLaTeXClass[ecsthesis,book]{ecsthesis} Format 49 Input Input Copy ecsthesis.cls to the same folder. Create a new file in LyX, save it where these two files are, then in 'Document>Settings>Document Class>Local layout' choose ...


Use \@ifundefined{KOMAClassName}{...}{...} since \@ifundefined calls \expandafter\ifx\csname #1 \endcsname (after a test), i.e. it constructs the command sequence. Here's the definition in latex.ltx. \def\@ifundefined#1{% \expandafter\ifx\csname#1\endcsname\relax \expandafter\@firstoftwo \else \expandafter\@secondoftwo \fi} But for ...


I use the tikzposter class that I found very helpful and easy to use so I recommend it.


Thanks Steven for the hint and reference Emulating article class margins with the geometry package pass is the key which keeps the original settings and also allows to create a new command with custom options. I added pass parameter to the geometry package and after the \newpage and I did setup the custom margin via \newgeomtery command ...


The command \bbl@nonfrenchlistspacing has disappeared from babel-french some time between 2007 and 2008. The only reasonable thing to do is to add \makeatletter \let\bbl@nonfrenchlistspacing\relax \makeatother before \begin{document} and tell the maintainers of the class that they should update it.


Your LaTeX code isn't exactly easy to parse, it's quite inefficient in various places, and it uses environments such as eqnarray that are badly deprecated and for which there is no longer any justification for their continued use. I've tried to clean up your code (quite) a bit. As a side-effect of this clean-up, the large gaps above and below some of the ...

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