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Just put noinfo in the crop options: \RequirePackage[cam,center,noinfo]{crop}


The file mmadoc.tex uses \usepackage[dvips,...]{hyperref}% Shortened here... This is no error as long as latex is used and not pdflatex or lualatex since those are running in PDF mode. The example below is the shortest one that has the same error: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[dvips]{hyperref} \begin{document} \end{document} ! Package ...


You could define your commands like given below: \newcommand{\FIRST}[1]{\gdef\@FIRST{#1}} \newcommand{\SECOND}[1]{\gdef\@SECOND{#1}} \newcommand{\THIRD}[1]{\gdef\@THIRD{#1}} \let\@FIRST\@empty \let\@SECOND\@empty \let\@THIRD\@empty Then later inside \maketitle you could replace \FIRST, \SECOND and \THIRD to \@FIRST, \@SECOND and \@THIRD respectively. Now ...


The undefined control sequence is \text, which is defined by package amstext, which is automatically loaded by amsmath. Thus, the minimal \usepackage{amstext} or the more powerful \usepackage{amsmath} fixes the issue.


The standalone class will even crop the PDF file for you, with customizable borders. You should never use the minimal class, see Why should the minimal class be avoided?, but you should never use \cal as well. It is true that \cal still works in the standard classes, but only for back compatibility; the command has been deprecated since 1995. If you ...


You still can use \includepdf from pdfpages package: \documentclass{yathesis} \usepackage{pdfpages} \begin{document} \includepdf{CV.pdf} \end{document} Note: I do not have yathesis on my computer to test the code.


As mentioned similar quostion here. The CLS file uses the document class Article. It seems that easiest is to set up local aaltothesis.layout file for your thesis, not working yet: errors documented below. Other option is to put it under /Applications/ but so far at least not working in my OSX Lyx. The Aaltothesis.cls ...

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