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All the WinEdt documentation can be found simply clicking F1 inside WinEdt 9. It is in .chm format. You can use some tool to convert it to the format you like, if you want. Note also that it can be opened with SumatraPDF, if you have it installed. The path to the file is \WinEdt 9\Doc\Help\WinEdt.chm You can also install HTML Help Workshop and decompile ...


The intended user documentation is encguide.pdf as returned by texdoc textcomp. If you want the actual documented source then the file is generated from ltoutenc.dtx in the base latex distribution (the same source as the fontenc package) If you run pdflatex on ltoutenc.dtx (in texmf-dist/doc/latex/base in texlive) then you will get ltoutenc.pdf, this file ...

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