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BibTeX's output is a .bbl file containing a thebibliography environment. It's the duty of the document class to define this environment. Usually it's something like \section*{\refname} \begin{list}{<code>} <bib items> \end{list} for classes without chapters and \chapter*{\bibname} \begin{list}{<code>} <bib items> \end{list} ...


To remove the CVS version of TikZ installed in your $TEXMFHOME (here, ~/Library/texmf/), you may use the following command (in a Terminal): find ~/Library/texmf -iname pgf -exec rm -fr {} \; -print -prune


The personal tree rooted in $TEXMFHOME (~/texmf/ on GNU/Linux systems, ~/Library/texmf/ on Mac OS X with MacTeX), should never have a ls-R file at the top; this is the setting of TEXMF in texmf.cnf: TEXMF = {$TEXMFCONFIG,$TEXMFVAR,$TEXMFHOME,!!$TEXMFSYSCONFIG,!!$TEXMFSYSVAR,!!$TEXMFLOCAL,!!$TEXMFDIST} The absence of !! in front of $TEXMFHOME means that a ...

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