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For the record, if you're using the TeXLive Utility GUI, you can also solve this issue by selecting the Configure > Configure Documentation..., checking the box labeled "Install documentation when updating", and confirming by clicking the Install now button. (I just ran into this issue after installing BasicTeX and the TeXLive Utility GUI on my Mac, by ...


In the good(bad) old days there were many different Operating Systems with their own idiosynchranites(SP) but now there are many fewer. My view is that the local.tex document was meant to be configured the peculuarities of these systems by the local sysadim (who had probably never heard of (La)TeX). In my time I have had to use at least six different OS's ...


Note it says "should". LaTeX predates the web and other forms of instantly accessible help like this site. The original LaTeX Book had the wording that was copied into lshort that the local installer "should" make a local guide detailing to end users at that site how latex had been set up and configured. In practice almost no one ever did this even when ...


\tilde serves to put a tilde on top of something else. For your purpose, \sim does the job.

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