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You have an easy and up-to-date access to the package documentations through the TeX Catalogue on Line, that you can find, e.g. here: It's enough to have a bookmark in your favourite browser. For a general help on LaTeX, you have the LaTeX Help e-book, which is in .chm format (compiled html), that you can find here. I don't know if it works on other ...


Most distributions came with texdoc programm. Open a command line/terminal window and type texdoc <package name> where <package name> is the name of the class, style for which you want some documentation. For example for biblatex, use texdoc biblatex and you read the PDF with Biblatex manual


Most of the package can be found on CTAN. They have an up-to-date documentation. Command which are part of the package have their documentation with them too.


The problem is that l3doc is really somewhat internal to the project and not really what we consider stable or properly documented --- in short it is a bunch of hacks and add-ons for documentation that we experimented with and found useful for our own stuff, but never got around finalizing and writing up a proper documentation for it. You can get to the ...

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