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I'd recommend searching for some open source math books; there are quite some on Github, and probably more elsewhere. That way, you can somehow choose the kind of formulae you want to test; eg., topology (with much algebra), mathematical modelling (linear algebra, differential equations), combinatorics, or much more abstract stuff like the HoTT book with a ...


the file testmath.tex is part of the documentation for the amsmath package. it's in tex live, on ctan, or available via a link on the page (under "additional documentation}. the content is kind of "random", but has a good variety of examples and has been used, among other things, for stress testing of new math fonts.


This could be a useful collection of latex examples: Latex-examples


There isn't a curated list similar to Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol list, but you can generate various automated lists to show all the characters in a font. Run context --global --bodyfont=modern s-math-characters.mkiv This generates a 137 page document. Here is a snippet mathname is the name of the macro that will give you the symbol. As you can see, ...


It may make more sense to use a verbatim mode to display R code. For example the fancyvrb package allows you to define a delimiter for inline verbatim: e.g. \usepackage{fancyvrb} \DefineShortVerb{\|} Then in your text you can use | (y ~ x) | directly. For larger chunks of code, the listings package is a good choice. Here's an example using it with R ...

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