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The bibliography style besjournals doesn't appear to do anything with fields named doi. Thus, for any entry for which you do want to show doi-related information, you need to place that information in the note field which, as your luck would have, will be placed at the end of the formatted entry. For the second entry you're listing, you should create the ...


This is a nasty hack, but overcoming the style files defaults isn't that straightforward unfortunately. The suggestion I proposed in my comment, appending the DOI to pages: pages = {1--15. DOI:10.1899/15-9834.6} appends the pp. in front of the page details as the style swaps to this mode after it sees the volume is blank. The solution to this is to put a ...


You could add the doi in the url field if the style permits urls.


If you don't know too much about editing BST files, perhaps the declaration of the different publication types is the least error-prone way. At the very end of your testplainnat.bst-file you have functions for each doctype like: FUNCTION {article} { output.bibitem format.authors "author" output.check author format.key output new.block format.title ...

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