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Oh, never mind. I found the answer browsing though revtex4-1.cls: \makeatletter \def\pdfstartlink@attr{} \makeatother In the preamble, after selecting the documentclass, helps.


There is an updated version of the elsarticle-harv.bst which has support for printing the DOI. http://support.river-valley.com/wiki/index.php?title=Model-wise_bibliographic_style_files unfortunately they do not push this to CTAN :(


The recently developed Bibulous project handles this directly. For article-type entries in a *.bib file, an example template definition is the following:: article = <au>, \enquote{<title>,} <journal>, <volume>: [<startpage>--<endpage>|<startpage>|<eid>|] (<year>).[ <doi>| <url>| <isbn>| ...


@kcabdeef the second way don't work because you redefine the format and the first format is deleted. Define the format in this way: \DeclareFieldFormat[article]{journaltitle}{\usebibmacro{string+doi}{\mkbibemph{\textcolor[rgb]{0,0,1}{#1}}}} and it will work.

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