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In fact, what is happening there is that TeXstudio is indenting the line (not the whole paragraph). Probably what you are calling paragraph is a single line. So when TXS wraps the line it shows an arrow on the left panel (near the line number) and then if you indent that line the whole block is also indented. If you want to indent only the first line of ...


Try the following, if you want visual latex https://intelligentlatexeditor.wordpress.com/


I had the message: Unable to find target command: make_pdf after I had successfully installed the LatexTools package on ST3, and had the build command working. However, after restarting my system on mac OS X, the build command no longer worked. The solution in this case was to restart ST3 from the terminal command line using subl


Menu Tools > Preferences > Look & Feel > Screen Fonts As commented, also with Ctrl + mouse wheel you can increase the font size at any time.


My set of recommendations is this: Teach your friend to write Markdown. She can do so even in MS Word: there is a plugin called Writage which makes it easier for people used to Word. There are also other Markdown editors available (some being implemented in JavaScripts and directly running in browser windows providing a live-rendered HTML preview -- like ...

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