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TeX Studio is available for Mac and is certainly the editor most similar to TeX Studio.


TexMaker or TexStudio are my recommendation. TexStudio is a bifurcation of TexMaker with more options. Just Compile the Pdf, right click on it and the cursor goes in editor exactly to the word you clicked on the pdf. You can easily compile just pressing a keyboard bottom. They also have a lot of installed packages, but not all.


miktex with Texniccenter and sumatrapdf would be my choice; tough nowadays I prefer w32tex with notepad2 instead. Install the first combo in that order, iirc. By the way: the ability to install packages on the fly belongs to the miktex distro, which already has the Texworks editor and dvi/pdf previewers preinstalled; so if you stick to miktex+Texworks you ...


Texmaker is pretty good. It has the ability to show you the page of the pdf that you're located in in the code so where you just edited most likely. It can locate latex code to the corresponding pdf section and has a quick build feature that compiles quick. Also has a load of other features. It does not automatically install missing packages though. Can't ...

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