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Thankfully TeXstudio itself has a solution for this problem. In its preferences (with show advanced options active), there is a menu for gui scaling where you can easily adjust the size of the icons.


Changing the font in this way doesn't instantly affect the Persian script. After that, you need to close the TexStudio and reopen it so that the changes are applied on Persian!


For as long as I have been using LaTeX I have used TeXStudio. Regardless of whether I was working on OSX or Linux. Another option I would suggest is the TeXlipse addon for Eclipse, which is not as quick to set up though.


Here is an updated version of the Applescript that should solve the problem. Open the Macro Editor in TeXShop and click on the Paste Spreadsheet Cells macro. Replace the existing macro with the following, and save it. --Applescript direct --This script copyright 2009,2010,2016 by Alan Munn <> --Version 1.2 2016/05/11 --Copy cells from ...


Thanks to David I got the solution: ([^"]*)" -> \enquote{\$1}


The short answer is: no. A slightly longer answer: I think you are mixing up a few things here -- which is no surprise as the problem involves MS Word which itself mixes up the content and formatting layer, as well as the editing and presentation layer when used in the usual wrong way. This last statement may hold at least when it comes to an external ...


Not exactly what you are looking for, but here are my recommendations; maybe they will be useful to you or others. I start writing the document (no template/snippet/whatsit business). When I reach a point in the document when I need a feature of <package>, I add \usepackage{<package>} to my preamble. It's super efficient! In each document, I ...


I'm co-founder at Overleaf and the original author of our Rich Text mode. AuCTeX, which a commenter has already mentioned, was the main inspiration for the Rich Text mode. I also don't know much emacs, sadly, but I did for a while use AuCTeX with Viper mode for vi emulation, which worked pretty well for me. Aside from LyX and AuCTeX, I wasn't able to find ...


Adding \pgfplotsset{compat=1.13} to your preamble should solve the problem. This is probably caused by different versions of TikZ having minor differences in their features. And this line tells TikZ to compile the TikZ code using a specific version. Also, this is often good practice to include this line even without a warning to avoid unexpected output ...


I have up four tex systems on my laptop and 6 on my PC (+ the context minimals). In my editor (winedt) I have setup a pop-up menu which I can call with Alt+Q which allows me to switch between the systems: The entries of the pop-up are bound to winedt macro files which change the PATH environment variable: (xPATH is a variable which contains the original ...

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