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I would suggest a redefinition along the lines of \renewbibmacro*{byeditor+others}{% \ifnameundef{editor} {} {\printtext[parens]{\usebibmacro{byeditor+othersstrg}% \setunit{\addspace}% \printnames[byeditor]{editor}}% \clearname{editor}% \newunit}% \usebibmacro{byeditorx}% \usebibmacro{bytranslator+others}} Where we added ...


There is currently no way to set this as a default display mode. Initial attempts to allow it by Dick Koch, the developer of TeXShop, caused various problems and were abandoned. At the present, this is therefore a very low priority feature request.


This is built-in on Mac OS X --- just use a text editor which supports Services, install LaTeXiT and one can type an equation, typeset it in place and un-typeset it to restore the source. For Windows you should be able to achieve something similar by using OLE and accessing an equation editor. You may want to look at TeXmacs or TeXworks.


Indeed this is possible with a user macro. the key is the function app.jumpToBracket() which stands behind Idefix -> Prentheses -> Jump to Match. If the cursor is at one bracket, it moves to the other. After placing the cursor before the first bracket, run %SCRIPT cursor.deleteChar() cursor.insertText('[') app.jumpToBracket() cursor.deleteChar() ...

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