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The issues you're experiencing are not related to emacs, and they are only indirectly related to cleveref. You need to do the following: In the main figure, interchange the order of \caption and \label: the \caption statement must come before the \label statement. Provide \caption statements for each of the two subfigure environments. Be mindful of the ...


Since AucTeX 11.89, this is a built-in feature; simply set the variable TeX-PDF-via-dvips-ps2pdf to non-nil. The relevant documentation is found here: User Option: TeX-PDF-via-dvips-ps2pdf With TeX-PDF-mode set to non-nil, if TeX-PDF-via-dvips-ps2pdf is non-nil too, the document is compiled with tex (or latex) instead of pdftex (or pdflatex). When ...


The reason is that LaTeX-env-item function in latex.el calls LaTeX-fill-paragraph. Fortunately, this behavior can be changed with advising these functions. The following code turns off LaTeX-fill-paragraph while LaTeX-env-item is running. ;; Empty function that just do nothing (defun my-empty-func (orig-func &rest args)) ;; Call orig-func with ...


There is an emacs package for dealing with this problem on OSX called exec-path-from-shell. You can install it via the list-packages interface. You need to activate it with (exec-path-from-shell-initialize) in your emacs init file. See http://emacs.stackexchange.com/q/10722/2710.


The problem was you didn't set properly the master file. In included files, TeX-master variable should be a string with the relative path to the main file without extension (yes, that's a bad limitation). But usually you don't have to set TeX-master manually: following the suggestions of the very first lines of the AUCTeX manual add the following lines to ...


I'd recommend the Aquamacs package for Emacs on OSX. Peoples opinions will vary, but it's really a nice Mac friendly setup. I don't think it has the same problems setting up the path.

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