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I want to provide a bit more details for those coming to this later, not least because I think describing this as a Zotero problem is a bit misleading--Zotero is doing exactly what it should. It's a data-entry problem. Particular when importing from low-data-quality sources like Amazon, users need to clean up data after import. That's true not just when ...


Upon @egreg's request, I try to be more verbose on this. I assume you are using GNU Emacs; if so, your OS shouldn't make a difference. Installation I suggest you install the latest version of AUCTeX from ELPA by doing M-x list-packages RET, move the cursor on auctex (version 11.88.4 as writing), hit i followed by x and you have the latest version installed ...


You can restore the old behavior by removing LaTeX-indent-tabular from LaTeX-indent-environment-list: M-x customize-variable RET LaTeX-indent-tabular RET and remove all LaTeX-indent-tabular occurrences from tabular-like entries.


This appears to me a Zotero problem rather than a Biblatex problem. I found through the Zotero Forums that the five digit number is caused by a field in Zotero called "Extra" and the 1 Edition instead of 1st Edition are caused by the import from Amazon. The workaround will be to manually remove the 'Extra' field in Zotero and correct the editions for the ...


While I do not know a way to do this with a LaTeX file, you can use #+SETUPFILE: file (http://orgmode.org/manual/In_002dbuffer-settings.html) to include an external org file in exporting. Then you can use #+LaTeX_HEADER: in the external org file. For example, with the following in content.org: #+SETUPFILE: template.org and with the following in ...


(This answer pertains to the updated version of the query, in which the OP provided specifics regarding the options used when setting up the siunitx package.) The instruction \sisetup{inter-unit-product = $\cdot$} is incorrect. It should be \sisetup{inter-unit-product = \cdot} With this modification, your example code compiles correctly.

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