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\renewcommand\prenotetext{\ignorespaces} To spot this, I just added \tracingall which says \prenotetext -> {blank space } {the letter H} so defining \prenotetext to not be a space fixes it, making it \ignorespaces is just "belt and braces".


The commands involved behind the scenes for the creating and printing of lemmata are very involved. Unless the package is extended to provide this option, you need to cheat using the \lemma command. (OK, you don't need to cheat in this way, but this is the simplest way to achieve what you want....) Here's one way, using a simple \if switch. It also ...


With enotez the \label command should be outside the endnote text; see the final example in section 3.1. You don't need footmisc as you can define a \footref command with enotez features: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{enotez} \renewcommand{\footnote}{\endnote} \newcommand{\footref}[1]{% \enotezwritemark{\enmarkstyle\ref{#1}}% } \begin{document} ...

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