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I think this problem arose because the pstool package creates a separate document containing each figure, and then compiles this with latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf to create a new version of the figure with psfrag replacements included. According to section 5.2 of the pstool package documentation, support for cross referencing within graphics was added in ...


Here is a slightly longer comment This sample file works just fine \documentclass[a4paper]{memoir} \usepackage[dvipdfmx]{graphicx} \begin{document} \includegraphics{973c6f2954.eps} \end{document} compiled using latex and dvipdfmx on TeX Live 2013 (frozen) on Linux.


You can add a (white) background fill to the figure. I used the approach suggested by Alain Matthes in this answer. For some reason, manual scaling of the background fill was needed. Otherwise the dimensions of the figure would grow. It also appears that the background fill doesn't quite cover the whole image area. The images below are screen captures from ...


when you go \input{ImageDir/TestFile} then Testfile.tex has \includegraphics{TestFile.eps} but file inclusion is always relative to the working directory where TeX is started, not relative to teh file being processed. So TeX looks in the current directory for the image. The simplest is just to put it in the working directory, or if not, to put the ...


You also can convert it to .pdf with Ghostscript and its Windows interface GsView. You'll still have a vector format, and as .pdf is more or less a compressed .ps format, you'll get a rather considerable size reduction — in the case of your file and 600dpi resolution, it is only 660 Kb. Unfortunately I don't know where I could upload the resulting file.


There are two reasons why eps files produced by Mathematica (such as p01.eps linked in your question) are often excessively large. The first is specific to Mathematica, but the second seems to be common to a few applications that generate postscript images. 1: Some methods for exporting images (such as right-clicking on the image) will include a large ...

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