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hi kimi add following code line to your code the problem be solved: \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{epstopdf}


If the only requirement is that you provide a .ps version of your document. just convert the .pdf to .ps at the very end. (if odd in these PDF times). As for a general method of being able to use latex and pdflatex on a single source have .eps and (.pdf or .png or .jpg) versions of each gfx indclude without extention, i.e. file, not file.ext. [1] [1] If ...


The EPS files generated by PGF should always be viewable and usable. I know that the EPS output driver of PGF had a bug (it produced a wrong bounding box, compare Tikz externalization: Latex dvi/ps produces a4paper boundary-box around figure). I fixed that after PGF 3.0.0 was released. The fix is also available if you have pgfplots 1.11 and you write ...

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