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You can install the CutePDF printer. That still allows you to set the format to eps in the advanced options. Take care when installing to decline all the unwanted extras (ask toolbar etc) This works with excel plots, but unfortunately word documents (required by the poster) always come out as pdf


Use pdftops, part of xpdf, $ pdftops -eps inputfile.pdf outputfile.eps


I had the same issue. The deviation via LaTeX->dvi2ps->ps2pdf did the job beautifully. Thanks Tom


The following also worked for me, but make sure \usepackage[nolists,tablesfirst]{endfloat} \DeclareDelayedFloatFlavor{sidewaystable}{table} \DeclareDelayedFloatFlavor{sidewaysfigure}{figure} comes after \usepackage{rotfloat} in the LaTeX code.


standalone class can be used to create cropped figures but also to convert from pdf them to other formats like png, jpg, ... usually with imagemagick help. See, as example, Compile a LaTeX document into a PNG image that's as short as possible OP wants to obtain an eps file using pdflatex from TeXstudio. The idea is using standalone class to do all for ...


Ok, obviously epspdf does not come with MikTeX and needs to be installed by all users of epspdfconversion that are using that distribution. I didn't know that (I am the author of epspdfconversion). I am assuming that a command epspdf --GRAY afile.eps can be called via write18/shell-escape It seem that it is not yet clear how Windows/MikTeX-users make ...

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