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The graph drawing library is probably one of the more complex parts and on top of this, this particular diagram is a particularly complex diagram too. Looking through your code, there are a few issues I can identify: Firstly, there are quite a few superfluous libraries. This is not detrimental, but not exactly recommended either; The graph drawing ...


The problem is with how you specified the path in the preferences. The correct path is /Library/TeX/texbin not Library/TeX/texbin/pdflatex (which is not a directory path, but the actual pdflatex program itself. The error you got showed this since it said /Library/TeX/texbin/pdflatex/simpdftex does not exist. The presence of pdflatex in the path is the ...


the problem is the underscore in the url. it's being interpreted as an indicator for a subscript, which requires math. wrap the url with \url thus: \url{} this will require a package. if you don't with to have hyperlinks, the url package will suffice. \usepackage{url} if you do ...


As Christian Hupfer suggested, it was a problem with my MiKTeX distribution being outdated as shown by \listfiles. My distribution failed to synchronize and I had to reinstall it to work. After re-installation, the template worked perfectly.

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