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Before the error you get a fairly clear message: Package transparent Warning: Loading aborted, because pdfTeX is not running in PDF mode. The package does not support dvi mode. The package uses uses several commands specific to the pdf features of pdftex so making a variant of the package that worked with dvi mode might be non trivial (but no doubt ...


Don't use a command with an argument -- this will always be difficult if catcode changes are involved. Better use the comment package: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{comment} \includecomment{instructor} %\excludecomment{instructor} \begin{document} bllb \begin{instructor} some text \catcode`\%=11 12 %% 13 \catcode`\%=5 \begin{verbatim} \section \end{...


This isn't a great solution, but it works. A better but more complicated solution is in the edit below. Wrap each use of the \instructor{} macro that contains literal % characters in \catcode changes, e.g. in the original knitr code: \catcode`\%=11 \instructor{ <<>>= 1 %% 2 @ } \catcode`\%=5 A TeX wizard might know how to build that into the ...


I had the same problem. I solved it as follows: Notice that you do not have to change all the /usr/texbin to /Library/TeX/texbin. The path for latexmk must remain as /usr/texbin. In my case this fixed the problem.

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