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Option professionalfont helps to reduce the font declarations by beamer (older versions): \documentclass[professionalfont]{beamer} \usepackage{siunitx} \usepackage{newtxtext,newtxmath} \usepackage{bm} \begin{document} \end{document} Newer beamer versions want a font theme instead of the option: \documentclass{beamer} \usefonttheme{professionalfonts} ...


The error message tells you are using Unicode input encoding via package ucs and option utf8x of package inputenc. If you do not need ucs special features, then \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} is the more common way. The μ from the input is mapped to \textmu, which is not provided yet. Package textcomp provides it, for example, as suggested in Ruben's comment. ...


arguably this is a bug in amsart, you can avoid it by allowing paragraphs in the latex command it uses \documentclass[10pt]{amsart} \makeatletter \long\def\@cdr#1#2\@nil{#2} \makeatother \begin{document} \begin{figure} blah \caption[lh]{ Paragraph 1. Paragraph 2. } \end{figure} \end{document} amsart defines \@makecaption explictly using \long so that ...


I think you need to upgrade your postscript to 9.15 or later. See the discussion here. http://sourceforge.net/p/asymptote/discussion/409349/thread/c5f124db/


This seems to be a bug in LyX. LyX is supposed to automatically load the right packages (unless you use ERT, then you're on your own). For some reason, when the document is set to Vietnamese, the package is not loaded automatically. To work around this bug, go to Document > Settings > LaTeX Preamble and put the following: \usepackage{textcomp}

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