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The error is earlier. In your code from https://www.writelatex.com/1668037kxgsvr#/4157018/ just after the line 250 you have \begin{matrix}. Commenting it makes the document compilable. (A MWE with this fragment can help the future visitors).


The package mathpartir defines \snoc inside the mathpar environment, overriding whatever definition you give outside. Yes, it is a reserved command, although I couldn't find any trace of this in the documentation.


The problem is not specific to shrink. The Turkish module of babel activates = and this causes problems for the interpretation of key-value syntax. If you have an up-to-date TeX system you can disable the = shorthand (that does nothing useful, in my opinion) maintaining the other two: \usepackage[turkish,shorthands=:!]{babel} With an older TeX system ...


You should move\layout after \begin{document}.


I am trying to answer all your question but the debugging work will stay with you: The error is caused by something in combination with the package endnotes. When having a look to its source, you can find the command \@doanenote. There are many commands called in a document, which you do not call by your self. So searching for it in your source will not ...

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