FiXme is a collaborative annotation package for LaTeX documents. Annotating a document here refers to inserting meta-notes, that is, notes that do not belong to the document itself, but rather to its development or reviewing process. Such notes may involve things of different importance levels, rang- ing from simple “fix the spelling” flags to critical “this paragraph is a lie” mentions. Annotations like this should be visible during the development or reviewing phase, but should normally disappear in the final version of the document.

FiXme is designed to ease and automate the process of managing collaborative annotations, by offering a set of predefined note levels and layouts, the possibility to register multiple note authors, to reference annotations by listing and indexing etc. FiXme is extensible, giving you the possibility to create new layouts or even complete “themes”, and also comes with support for AUC-TEX.

The FiXme package is Copyright c 1998–2002, 2004–2007, 2009 Didier Verna, and distributed under the terms of the LPPL license.

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