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On my system I get different errors; the first one is ! Package babel Error: Unknown option `English'. Either you misspelled it (babel) or the language definition file English.ldf was not found. You don't get this probably because you're on Windows, where the file system is case insensitive. If an option, say foo, to babel is not ...


The problem turns out to be a bug in the greek.lbx localization file. Instead of using its already defined \lbx@gr@mkbibmonth to format the date, it instead uses \mkbibmonth defined via \let\mkbibmonth\lbx@gr@mkbibmonth after first using \savecommand{\mkbibmonth}. Replacing the use of \mkbibmonth with \lbx@gr@mkbibmonth directly in the .lbx file solves the ...


Add in preamble: \DefineBibliographyStrings{english}{% dateapril = {April} } Now result is :

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