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You are right, the options are not reset for colorbar. I have fixed this in pgfplots. You can activate the fix in your tex files by means of \pgfplotsset{ every colorbar global/.append style={ zmin=,zmax=, } } Adding this to your preamble leads to


Workaround The best remedy I found so far uses x tick label style={color=white},. It works pretty good, depending on the xticklabels' position. A significantly less satisfactory workaround is using something along the lines of \draw[thin, gray] (rel axis cs:0.33,0) -- (rel axis cs:0.33,1); to draw the grid and respective commands to draw the ticks. This ...


If you don't mind augmenting one internal macro of the groupplots library a little bit, you can define a new sticky options style that you can use in the optional argument to \nextgroupplot[...] to set options that will stay active for the remainder of the groupplots environment (or until you call sticky options again). Putting the following code chunk into ...

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