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I had the same problem. It does not seem to be possible to add keywords to an existing language definition, when you do not always want to explicitly set it before opening a listing (i.e. there is no \lstupdatelanguage equivalent to \lstdefinelanguage). However, I found it convenient to use the \lstnewenvironment command to define a new environment which ...


My second solution is not exactly what I wanted. I should find whether I'm inside my moredelim or not. Instead I check the font properties specific for that moredelim. Test against font family I make Doxygen comment the only style which uses \sffamily moredelim=[s][\color{ForestGreen}\sffamily]{/**}{*/}, %doxygen comment Inside literate rule I use a ...


My first solution for formatting Annotation inside Doxygen is not autamatic. It requires manual edition of source code. While defining MyCode I set escapechar to enable formatting of the desired words \lstnewenvironment{MyCode} {\lstset{language=C++, escapechar=~, ... }{} Inside MyCode pasted source is manually extended with formatting \begin{MyCode} ...


Why not use the soul package instead? Changing the line color is easy: \usepackage{color,soul} \definecolor{darkblue}{rgb}{0,0,0.5} \setulcolor{darkblue} \begin{document} \ul{This text is underlined in blue.} \end{document}

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