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That depends on your documents, but usually people use tex4ht to convert LaTeX to HTML. I'm often obliged to offer a html-version of my documents, but on the other hand writing LaTeX is so much easier than using "Word", so I offer a beautiful PDF and an HTML file. One can do this on the base of the same document, but some packages are not well supported by ...


Short answer: no. Longer answer: PDF files, which are produced by TeX (either directly or via DVI) do not have the possibility to show the type of dynamic content required here. This essentially requires a web rendered 'built in' or 'called' by the viewer, and that is not part of the PDF spec.


I had success at opening your document with Word 2010. First of all, I converted document to odt format. Because you don't have mk4ht command available, you need to use following htlatex call: htlatex test.tex "xhtml,ooffice" "ooffice/! -cmozhtf" "-cooxtpipes -coo" all these parameters are necessary, they are used in postprocessing of the xml file with ...

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