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I had success at opening your document with Word 2010. First of all, I converted document to odt format. Because you don't have mk4ht command available, you need to use following htlatex call: htlatex test.tex "xhtml,ooffice" "ooffice/! -cmozhtf" "-cooxtpipes -coo" all these parameters are necessary, they are used in postprocessing of the xml file with ...


Three words: use LaTeX subset LaTeX and its common output formats like PDF are super complicated. Converting all of it to HTML + CSS is close to impossible. But if you restrict yourself only to a small subset of LaTeX features it becomes feasible. Check out Softcover: it has a LaTeX subset which it calls Polytex that it can convert to HTML. The exact ...


Ok, after some thinking about how to do this with listings while avoiding manually specifying keywords, I suppose a syntax based solution may work. I.e. I defined a language for listings using moredelim and morestring to handle the most basic syntax of XML and get the following results: the corresponding code is: \documentclass{report} ...


This is little bit complicated, because minipage is not usual environment, but system of several macros dealing with optional parameters. This is modified cfg file: \Preamble{html} \Configure{HtmlPar} {\EndP\Tg<p>} {\EndP\Tg<p>} {\HCode{</p>\Hnewline}} {\HCode{</p>\Hnewline}} \makeatletter % to strip fraction from \textwidth ...


Since htlatex seems to generate a DVI first, the following answer helped me: Cannot determine size of graphic So for setting the displayed size of a 530x260 JPG image in HTML, I did: \includegraphics[width=0.5\textwidth,natwidth=530,natheight=260]{image.jpg}


Bad news: The message is the result of a bug. EDIT: As Ulrike writes today (Juli 31, 2014), the bug in tex4ht has not been removed yet. Good news: You simply could tell tex4ht to go on. Just type "R" (or was it Ctrl-R?), and the compilation will go on.


I've found some small problems with your document, it is compilable both with pdflatex and tex4ht after small fixes: %use one or the other of these \usepackage{hyperref} \newcommand{\Xref}[1]{\autoref{#1}} %\usepackage{cleveref} \autoref seem to work better with tex4ht \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{.png,.jpg,} add this to the preamble, this enables direct ...

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