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You can move the \bibliographystyle to the preamble or whatever, so it is easier to switch out. That much is unobjectionable. However, everything suggested below this point is subject to a large caveat: If you are submitting source - as opposed to PDF - you should not do this as it will only annoy. In particular, it will piss off copy editors no end. ...


The problem is due to using \IEEEcompsocitemizethanks twice. Try the following - \IEEEcompsocitemizethanks{\IEEEcompsocthanksitem <Author 1> \IEEEcompsocthanksitem <Author2>}


I have solved the problem. It was due to misplacing of the end curly brace of the "\author" item. Initially, I placed the end curly brace of the "\author" item right after the authors names, like this: \author{ <Author 1>, <Author2>} \IEEEcompsocitemizethanks{ \IEEEcompsocthanksitem <Author 1> \IEEEcompsocthanksitem <...


Based on Paul's answer, this is a drop-in replacement for the \IEEEtriggeratref macro that works with biblatex: \usepackage{ifthen} \makeatletter \newcounter{IEEE@bibentries} \renewcommand\IEEEtriggeratref[1]{% \renewbibmacro{finentry}{% \stepcounter{IEEE@bibentries}% \ifthenelse{\equal{\value{IEEE@bibentries}}{#1}} {\finentry\@IEEEtriggercmd}...

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