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For a smilar work, in italian (songbook with songs beginning with accented letters) I used this style file (indicealfabetico.xdy) (markup-index :open "\begin{theindex}\sffamily~n \providecommand*\lettergroupDefault[1]{} \providecommand*\lettergroup[1]{% \par\textbf{\large#1}\par \nopagebreak }" :close "~n~n\end{theindex}~n" ...


You need to use xindy for sorting non-western languages. Try to run this command: xindy -M texindy -L turkish -C utf8 sample.idx I am not sure whether the sorting is correct, at least sorting of i and İ looks suspiciuos to me


\documentclass[12pt, letterpaper]{book} \usepackage{imakeidx} \makeindex[name=cat, title=Category, columns=1] \makeindex[name=type, title=Type of Dish] \newcommand\foo[1]{} \newcommand\textbfz[2]{\textbf{#1}} \begin{document} \index[type]{Casual@\textbfz{Casual}|foo} %Want this in bold and no page number \index[type]{Quick@\textbfz{Quick}|foo} ...

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