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I know I'm late for the party, but I ran into this problem recently. For reference, here is my code. \makeatletter \def\indexDefineAlias#1#2{% #1 = alias, #2 = original, the one to display in index \protected@write\@auxout{}% {\string\indexalias{#1}{#2}}% } \def\indexalias#1#2{% #1 = alias, #2 = original, the one to display in index ...


You didn't tell us the version of MiKTeX you use. And so we do not know which package versions you are using in your system. With an current MiKTeX (pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.16 (MiKTeX 2.9 64-bit)) I can compile your code without any errors or warnings (except the one warning about filecontents that I only used to have one compiling MWE with tex ...


You're passing the whole command line, so what the system tries to do is makeindex makeindex -c -s symbols symbols which is an error. The option key wants just the options to be passed to makeindex: \usepackage{imakeidx} \makeindex[name=symbols,title={List of symbols},options=-c -s] \makeindex[options=-c -s]

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