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If by mean ‘hacking the MATLAB generator’ you mean copying their .xsl convertor and changing it for your application, I actually think that's the best approach in the long run with something in Matlab like: publish(filename,... struct(... 'format','latex',... 'stylesheet','matlab2latex.xsl',... 'evalCode',false... )); E.g., for changing the ...


WinEdt version 9 is the actual one. Your school should update. I guess your problem is that you are not the administrator for the computers. So it could be that you are not allowed to change the computer for example with an update for MiKTeX. Contact your local administrator and tell him which updates you need or ask him (he should knew the instalation) ...


\include{filename} and input{filename} both import the file with the filename into the document. The most important difference of these commands in your case is, that \include inserts a \clearpage after the file (which creates a pagebreak), while \input only inserts the content of your file. So you should use \input to avoid pagebreaks. More detailed ...


You can't use \include in the preamble, use \input instead. \include does more stuff than directly copying the filecontent, for example it issues a \clearpage, which obviously doesn't belong in the preamble. Another possibility would be to write a new package and load it with usepackage, or write a new class.


You can set a master file (main.tex). Thus you can include the following in all .tex files in your project. %%% Local Variables: %%% mode: latex %%% TeX-master: "main" %%% End: after that reflex will find the bibliography from the master (main.tex) file.

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