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What causes the problems? The essential problem here is that updmap is executed in some way, shape or form. getnonfreefonts causes problems because it executes updmap. Other font installation scripts cause this problem because they execute updmap. (Of course, not all scripts do this. But our concern here is with those which do.) Finally, of course, ...


I believe you simply did a typing error. The package is called graphicx, while you have written grapthicx, with an extra t!


Thanks to @cfr for showing me how to use grep to select the symbolic link files and then use sed to extract the filenames from the directory listing. In a terminal running a Bash shell, the following command extracts a list of filenames from /usr/local/bin which are symbolic links to the bin folder within last year's TeXLive distribution, and saves the list ...


From Start menu > All Programs > MiKTeX 2.9 > Maintenance (Administrator), launch MiKTeX Package Manager, rightclick on moderncv and select Install. That's all.

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