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I know it's been a long time since this question was raised, but it has been fixed in JabRef 3.3. (Yay!) I ran into the same problem more recently, and in the course of looking for a solution, found your question. I figured the lack of an answer was on account of most folks not using JabRef in connection with LibreOffice/OpenOffice, so I re-posed the ...


It turns out that, after posting the issue, I received and answer. You can view the answer at ( If you don't feel like going over there yourself, here is the text of the way to fix this issue. This is indeed the default behavior. However, you can instruct JabRef not to remove the new ...


There is a change of behaviour between the old and new versions of JabRef. Now, the links to PDF files must appear explicitely in the database (in a file field). The links can be created automatically from the BibTeX keys of a database by going to the "Quality" menu and then "Synchronize file links". See also


The correct entry in the bib file should be @article{chella2012overview, title={An overview of wave impact forces on offshore wind turbine substructures}, author={Chella, Mayilvahanan Alagan and T{\o}rum, Alf and Myrhaug, Dag}, journal={Energy Procedia}, volume={20}, pages={217--226}, year={2012}, publisher={Elsevier} } Note that the keyword ...

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