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I had the same problem and I solved it as follows: Same error message appeared when I tried to compile my text. I rebooted my pc (Windows 10 and its updates, you know...), I read threads everywhere and tried what they said but nothing. Then...i realized that I, with no intention, had changed the function of the "Quick compilation" button and I was, since the ...


Using JabRef 3.3, exportation to CSV looks fine with an editor supporting UTF-8. The issue is the importation of an UTF-8 CSV file into excel. See


Make sure that your bibliography and document are using UTF-8 and then declare \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} rather than [latin9]. For UTF-8 Bibliographies you might need bibtex8 or biblatex/biber depending on exactly how much language support you need. (Non English titles etc are not a problem but classic bibtex will not understand non ascii letters so ...

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