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To change et al to et al. : Locate FUNCTION {bbl.etal} in spbasic.bst (or in the copy of this file, as suggested in Guido's answer). Change {"et~al"} to {"et~al."}


The following addition to your preamble - before making calls to title macros - fixes the problem: \makeatletter \renewcommand*{\thanks}[1]{% \footnotemark \protected@xdef\@thanks{\@thanks \protect\footnotetext[\arabic{footnote}]{#1}}% } \makeatother The problem is that the footnote mark is set with the \authors, but never transferred to the ...


As noted by @David Carlisle and @Joseph Wright, the answer to this question is heavily dependent on subject area, as well as particular publishers and the approach they take to typesetting. I can answer this question, but only in relation to academic humanities (literature and religion). Yes, there are significant features in place for Word-based ...


The original author of achemso, Mats Dahlgren, included various non-standard BibTeX entry types in achemso.bst. When I took over the package and revised for v2.0 these non-standard types were retained: the last release on this major branch was 2008/04/16 v2.2i. The bundle was heavily revised in 2010 to properly support submission to the ACS and to address a ...

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