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Try this: \documentclass[bib]{ba} \inserttype[ba0001]{article} \begin{document} \title[Short Version]{Long Version} %% this line \author{faheem} {\fnms{Faheem} \snm{Mitha}\footnotemark[1]\ead{faheem@faheem.info}} %% this line \maketitle \footnotetext[1]{Affiliation First Author} %% this added. \renewcommand{\thefootnote}{\arabic{footnote}} ...


Here I give a workable solution, but not a clever one. In whatever case, we have to make a third separate file for arXiv submission (say, with at least one line to include Supp.) unless they support supplementary directly. Basically, the method is to append the supplementary material at the end of main text. Then add the commands to reset all counters and ...

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