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I took @Markus's comment and modified it slightly: \newcommand{\q}[2]{\TextField[width=#1,height=10pt,bordercolor=stuff]{‌​#2}} ... \q{3cm}{Question}


You can simply preset new default values; it's still possible to override them locally. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{xcolor} \usepackage{hyperref} \setkeys{Field}{height=10pt,bordercolor=green} \begin{document} \begin{Form} \begin{enumerate} \item \TextField{Question 1} \item \TextField{Question 2} \item \TextField[width=10cm]{Question 3} \item ...


A version with either the standard \@ifnextchar way and the more sophisticated \NewDocumentCommand from xparse package. Please note that in the \MakeMyTextField[width=10cm]{} way, the default argument is overruled of course, as well as in \MyTextField. A better approach would use keyval or xkeyval or (if really needed ;-)) pgfkeys \documentclass{article} ...

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