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Under MiKTeX, I would create a TeXMF-local directory (unless it already exists — MiKTeX does not create one by default), add it to the list of TeX roots (MiKTeX Szettings, Roots tab), then create a TeXMF-local\tex\latex\babel-mylanguage chain of directories in it, in which I would put mylanguage.ldf. If there is any documentation, I would put it in ...


In short inputenc is your friend here. Pasting from your post I found that adding \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} fixed it (I had to strip out a couple of bits to do with res.cls but I checked that article gave the same missing characters. It's also possible that \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} might be the solution -- I don't trust encodings when text has been ...


The same question have been posted to emacs.SE: According to the Emacs Lisp Manual every input method should disable key translation and conversion if overriding-local-map is set. We should be able to rely on this to disable quail conditionally. In Emacs 24.4 and later (using the new advising mechanism), add this to your init file: (advice-add ...


The field type is just for this. Put in your entry type = {Tesis de Maestría},


Add the following to your preamble \usepackage[french]{babel} This will not only switch the predefined words to French, but also the hyphenation and some other things (e.g. spaces before and after punctuation marks).


It's hard to translate them because February can have 28 days and December has 31, and it's hard to find a relation between these two. Don't use tikz in this case. You can add some new commands and modify the calendar by yourself. Once I needed something like that. This what I got: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[a5paper]{geometry} ...

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