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This is an issue with TeXShop's file encoding, not XeLaTeX itself. In Sublime Text, this works fine for me: % !TEX TS-program = xelatex \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \newfontfamily\arabicfont{Al Nile} \begin{document} \arabicfont وَهَذِهِ فِقرَةٌ بِالعَرَبِيَة مَعَ كَلِمَة اِنكلِيزِيَة \end{document} (sorry, I don't ...


I'm going to guess that what you really want is to see the word "Λήμμα" in your formatted document; how to get it there is not particularly important. As @egreg explained in his answer, it's not easy to include non-English characters in the definition of command names. Fortunately the amsthm package (which presumably you're using, if you are using ...


You could do it with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX, but not with pdfLaTeX. The reason is that TeX (on which pdfTeX is based) was born before Unicode was thought of. So TeX doesn't understand Unicode natively and this causes some “problems”. Let's look at the Unicode character Λ U+039B GREEK CAPITAL LETTER LAMDA. When your editor is set up for UTF-8 and you type Λ, ...


There's a package for this, named translations, funnily enough. Thanks clemens for pointing me to Translation of words according to babel language .


I gave an answer above yesterday. Through a new research of Polyglossia Package, I find out a new solution to Tibetan line-breaks. In fact, Polyglossia is supporting Tibetan now and I was totally misled by Tom who commented on this question. This is my example. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage{polyglossia} \usepackage{eledmac} ...


add \XeTeXlinebreaklocale "bo" after \begin{document} \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{Microsoft Himalaya} \usepackage{microtype} \begin{document} \XeTeXlinebreaklocale "bo" །།འདིར་སྨྲས་པ། \begin{quotation} གལ་ཏེ་འདི་དག་ཀུན་སྟོང་ན། །འབྱུང་བ་མེད་ཅིང་འཇིག་པ་མེད།།གང་ཞིག་སྤང་དང་འགོག་པ་ལས། །མྱ་ངན་འདའ་བར་འགྱུར་བར་འདོད། \end{quotation} ...


Try switching to XeTeX. Using XeTeX solves lot's of bugs when using Hebrew (like hyperref is actually working). It's relatively easy to set up LyX to use XeTeX for Hebrew documents.

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