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A macro is any control sequence (or active character) defined with \def, \gdef, \edef or \xdef. TeX macros support up to nine arguments, which contradicts your statement about it not having the notion of arguments to control sequences. The most common usage of arguments is in the “undelimited” form; say that you do \def\foo#1{--#1--} so \foo takes an ...


{} have two distinct uses in TeX, as grouping and to delimit macro arguments (when they do not form a group). Ignoring latex specifics and tests that make the argument optional, then \foo[arg1]{arg2}{arg3} is defined in tex primitives as \def\foo[#1]#2#3{something using #1, #2 and #3} so a use such as \foo[abc]{xyz}{123} then #1 is abc as the ...

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