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The LaTeX kernel (latex.ltx) saves a few primitives with new names: these are all from TeX90 as the kernel itself does not use any primitives from e-TeX or later. Two of these are token registers, saved as \frozen@...: \everydisplay saved as \frozen@everydisplay \everymath saved as \frozen@everymath The other 'renamed' primitives are all saved as \@@...: ...


I certainly agree that separation of structure and style is one of the fundamental advantages of LaTeX and ConTeXt. That said, there is nothing to stop you messing up your document to the point where both are inseparable. So in the end it turns out that only very simple documents used in tutorials can have style and content completely separated. I cannot ...


I work in IT, and I use TeX to produce professional looking reports. I started with LaTeX in college in a math class, and I've been using it for various things since. I also use it for a few personal projects as well.


As long as you don't need mathematical typesetting, you actually can find better than TeX with Heirloom Documentation Tools. Not only does it provide Knuth's algorithm for formatting paragraphs; it also allows to compute spacing by mixing three systems (interletters spacing, interwords spacing, imperceptible change in the shapes of the glyphs). Thus you can ...

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