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ConTeXt MkIV related files: User-Input Files .tex: For content and typesetting instructions. .cld: For ConTeXt Lua Documents .xml: For XML data (related: .xhtml) Macro package files .mkiv: Code for MkIV .mkvi: Code for MkIV written with named variables \def\macro#{val1}#{val2} rather than \def\macro#1#2, etc.) .lua: Lua code for MkIV .lfg: Goodies for ...


Some further extension you might encounter depending on what packages you are using: .soc - package changes .fdb_latexmk - compile tool latexmk .fls - running latex with $ latex -recorder .spl - documentclass elsarticle (Elsevier journals)


Is LaTeX for me? If yes, why should I be shifting from OpenOffice to LaTeX? What does LaTeX offer to the normal user who uses word processing software to make all kind of report documents? If you have time to learn it, then Yes, you should shift from LibreOffice (or Word etc.) because LaTeX itself decides and enforces the professional typesetting ...


It's not possible to disable error messages. If you are sure this is the only error you're going to get and you're also sure that this doesn't really affect the typesetting on the next run, then you can launch the compilation with the -interaction=nonstopmode command line option, so TeX doesn't stop at the error. How to do this from a front-end/editor ...

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