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In Org mode 8, the variable is renamed. As Shitikanth commented, I needed %f, so in org 8: (setq org-latex-pdf-process (list "latexmk -f -pdf %f"))


This isn't the prettiest solution, but it gets some of the way towards what you wanted (i.e., using latexmk and a confirmation dialog): First, your first script can be substituted for something like this: for f in "$@" do file_ext=${f##*.} if [ "$file_ext" = "tex" ] then foldername=$(dirname "$f") filename=$(basename "$f" .tex) ...


The easiest answer is to follow the table in the autolatex site. According with that table, Autolatex: Is more recent (2014 vs 2012, and in active development, as it can be seen in its git repository) Is implemented in python (vs Perl). This is a + for me :-) Supports more tex engines (as xelatex, lualatex) Can automatically convert some file types to ...


It would be best to update your Perl installation, since it appears to be several years outdated. (The release date of version 2.08 of the File::Path module is 2009-10-04; this is the minimum version that latexmk tests for.) However, you could try changing the latexmk.pl file to change the line use File::Path 2.08 qw( make_path ); to use File::Path ...

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