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Here are three solutions: Since latexmk also examines the .log file for dependencies, you can persuade latexmk that there is a dependency on file.a by writing a suitable line to the .log file. The following definition of \recorder does this: \newcommand\recorder[1]{\typeout{(#1)}} Get the filename into the .fls file by opening the file without reading ...


My sources and generated files are in separated directories. Running mhp's solution I got the error: (require "doc.xdy") ERROR: Could not find file "doc.xdy". Then I extended the solution to: file: conf/glossaries.latexmk ----------------------------- print("LATEXMK: Glossaries Módule...\n"); use File::Basename; add_cus_dep('glo', 'gls', 0, ...


If you run latexmk with the argument -pdf, it will compile with pdflatex. In TeXWorks: On Linux, change the `~/.latexmkrc' file as per this SE answer.

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