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You need to create a latexmkrc file with the following rules sub asy {return system("asy -o asypdf/ '$_'");} add_cus_dep("asy","eps",0,"asy"); add_cus_dep("asy","pdf",0,"asy"); add_cus_dep("asy","tex",0,"asy"); I hope it works. You can also see the discussion on http://sourceforge.net/p/asymptote/discussion/409349/thread/e35300dd/


The easiest work around is to create a first version of the file figures/graph.pdf by hand (e.g., by running the dot command yourself from the command line). After that latexmk will detect any further changes in the .dot file and remake the .pdf file automatically when necessary. This is obviously undesirable. The problem is that information on the ...


Actually, this isn't a latexmk problem. If you look at the .log file or at the actual screen output, you'll see that it is pdflatex that had a problem. If you run pdflatex from the command line with the -output-directory=build option, you will get exactly the same errors. The primary error is that pdflatex can't create the file chapters/test.aux. The ...


A very quick help could be to drop the whole folder containing all your files of your thesis into ST. The structure will then be visible on the sidebar and you are able to switch quickly between each subfile.


You could use the -latex or -pdflatex options. I'll use pdflatex for the examples but it should work with latex as well. latexmk -pdf article will look for article.tex, invoke the command associated with the pdflatex option which by default is "pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode -synctex=1 %S %O" where %S is replaced by the filename and %O by the ...

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