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The font simply doesn't have small caps substitution for ħ. Probably the font viewing software is able to fake the glyph or take it from the PUA.


Things might have changed since this question was asked and it only addresses a part of it, I believe, but I was in a similar situation (wanting to use Linux Libertine in a thesis), and I felt a massive relief when I found the package newtx, which provides numerous enhancements for setting math in a large array of fonts, with focus on Linux Libertine in ...


As noted by Seb, the fontspec package is often used for handling (OpenType) fonts in LuaLaTeX. However, loading the package is not mandatory (but there are benefits to using OpenType fonts). According to the libertine manual, there is a package option type1 (or nofontspec) for reverting to Type 1 fonts, as used by pdflatex. The option is relevant when ...


This is because LuaLaTeX handles fonts in a different way. The equivalents to your working PDFLaTeX options are \usepackage{fontspec} % Font handling \setmainfont[]{Linux Libertine O} % Main font is Linux Libertine \setmonofont[]{CMU Typewriter Text} % Monospace font is Computer Modern Typewriter For deeper understanding of what is going on with fonts in ...

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