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Find on your system the file tex-text.map and copy it in the working directory under the name bardzo.map (or whatever you want). Then append to it a line so that it looks like ; TECkit mapping for TeX input conventions <-> Unicode characters LHSName "TeX-text" RHSName "UNICODE" pass(Unicode) ; ligatures from Knuth's original CMR fonts U+002D U+002D ...


As for your primary question: use the Ligatures=TeX when selecting the font; for example, \setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX]{Segoe UI}. You can use Unicode en dash (–; U+2013) directly instead, which I find better than using the old TeX ligatures. As for your secondary question: I can recommend wholeheartedly Gentium. It is free, libre, comprehensive and extremely ...

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