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In a current miktex and texlive 2014 one can get the search path for font feature files with kpsewhich --show-path="font feature files" and this gives pathes of the type <texmf-tree>/fonts/fea. I tested it with both systems and it worked fine after I updated the fndb/ls-R.


Activate the hyphen in the coqdoccode environment, defining it as a hyphen followed by a zero kern. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \newcommand{\activatehyphen}{% \begingroup\lccode`~=`- \lowercase{\endgroup\def~}{\char`\-\kern0pt }% \catcode`\-=\active } \newenvironment{coqdoccode} {\flushleft\activatehyphen\ttfamily} ...


For opentype fonts, luaotfload provide function nodes.simple_font_handler which will take care of all font manipulations like ligaturing and kerning and all other features supported by luaotfload. This function isn't advertised in the manual, I've found it in luaotfload source code. It is called as node callback on normal text, but as you create nodes ...

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