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As I use Ubuntu I have installed TeX Live and of course I use apt-get to install packages. I found that I was missing some files needed to compile my document. Using apt-cache as recommended in Method 1 above I found that texlive-latex-extra was the package I needed. However the download size was huge (327 MB). The essential package only, was easily ...


The problem was in the definition of PATH. After updating the PATH, I was able to run the updmap command properly. It should be said that the code 30 was indeed related to a line number and not an error code as updmap is called on line 30 of updmap-sys. Thanks !


What happened to me was: in Ubuntu 11.10 I defined the environment variable TEXMFCN to point at my home directory $TEXMFCNF=$HOME/texmf/web2c export TEXMFCNF For some reason, after the upgrade to 14.04, the bash gave a different interpretation to my setting: to search the latex packages only in my home directory. So, commenting that line in ...


It depends on how paranoid your settings in texmf.cnf are. Mine (default texlive 2014) says: % Allow TeX \openin, \openout, or \input on filenames starting with `.' % (e.g., .rhosts) or outside the current tree (e.g., /etc/passwd)? % a (any) : any file can be opened. % r (restricted) : disallow opening "dotfiles". % p (paranoid) : as `r' and ...


It looks like you're using either XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX, right? If so, and if your TeX distribution is reasonably modern, the following two instructions should get you going on most systems, including a Linux system: \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{XITS}


There are a lot of fonts based on the original Times Roman. On Linux run fc-list | grep Times | grep ".otf" or fc-list | grep Times | grep ".ttf" for a TrueType version. If you do not get any output then you do not have a ttf or otf variant of Times installed. If you get an output then it will list the symbolic name of the font. On my system: ...


I solved the problem. When the two monitors have two very different resolutions for example 1280x1024 and 1200x1920 then the clickable menus do not appear on both monitors. However when I switched resolutions to 1680x1050 and 1200x1920, then the problem was fixed.

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