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This one works well under Linux: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{auto-pst-pdf} \ifpdf \usepackage{tikz} \else \usepackage{pst-barcode} \fi \begin{document} foo % \begin{pspicture}(0,-5mm)(2.5in,0.4in) \psbarcode{AB123456}{includetext height=0.375}{code39} \end{pspicture} \begin{pspicture}(-0.4in,0)(5mm,2.5in) ...


Apparently I totally misunderstood the environment variable IPELATEXDIR. I always thought it had to be set to the location to which pdflatex points. But the environment variable indicates the location where temporary latex files are stored. By default it is. ~/.ipe/latexrun. After I changed it back I still got the same error. This was caused due to the fact ...

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