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From the TeXstudio Manual: Since the internal structure of the dictionaries is complex (e.g. contains rules how to generate a word with in different inflections) it is not possible to simply add words to the dictionary. Instead if a word is missing in the dictionary, you can add it to an ignore list, so that the spell checker won't complain about it. The ...


The reason is that for each package there is first a try via ftp and LWP that fails, see: TLDownload::get_file: response error: 400 FTP return code 000 (for TLUtils::download_file: persistent connection ok, but download failed:


Tim's advice is correct. In 5 easy steps: Select Options menu Select Configure TexStudio submenu Near the lower left corner (not very visible) check the "Advanced options" checkbox Now you see the "Advanced Editor" submenu: select it In the "Special Options" paragraph "Save automatically all files": select the time interval you like That's it!


I suggest you install TeXLive from TUG ( It does not interfere with system package manager. And more or less, you can get the same behavior across all platforms. Just remember to put the PATH to texlive binary before everything else. It is possible that there might be some conflicts. For example, an executable within TeXLive has the ...

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