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I have found the Ubuntu packages to be out of date, making it difficult acquire various latex libraries. I would suggest: http://www.tug.org/texlive/quickinstall.html


do you actually have \usepackage{amsthm} in your preamble? if amsthm wasn't installed on your system, that would give you an error (a different one) much sooner. since the error is delayed until you try to use a theorem, it sounds like you just forgot to load the package. (a minimum non-working example would have made that sort of error obvious very ...


By default latexmk compiles all tex files in the current directory, including doing the necessary calls to biber, bibtex, etc. To run pdflatex on the files use latexmk -pdf or for lualatex latexmk -lualatex You can set default behaviour via a configuration file.


You could use a loop in the shell eg cd myfolder; for i in *.tex; do pdflatex $i;done


I imagine there are quite a few ways to do this- David Carlisle mentioned one in his comment, here's another: find -name "*.tex"|while read file; do pdflatex "$file";done


There is also slider which is designed to be lightweight and specialised. It is designed to allow the use of notes on a second screen etc. Since it is relatively new, it may be worth watching even if a feature you need isn't yet currently implemented. (It has changed quite a lot since I started playing with it.)

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